Any budget hotels near LCCT or KLIA for overnight stay?

LCCT is closed on 9 May 2014 On 9 May 2014, LCCT officially closes as KLIA2 takes over.
The new Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) is built to replace LCCT, with bigger and better facilities.
As a result, the information posted here is no longer relevant to the KLIA2.
For the latest information on the new Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2), please visit the
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Hotels near KLIA2 / KLIA / LCCT

Looking for a clean room with hot shower and a comfortable bed for good night rest? Check out these hotels within reasonable distance from the KLIA2, KLIA and LCCT airports.

Hotels near KLIA2 Airport

List of Hotels near KLIA2 / KLIA Airports
  1. Tune Hotel, KLIA2 - 3 mins walk, from RM197*
  1. Sama-Sama Express KLIA2 Transit Hotel - at KLIA2 Satellite, from RM173*
  1. Capsule by Container Hotel KLIA2 - at Gateway@KLIA2 mall, from RM45*
  1. Sama Sama Express, KLIA Transit Hotel - at KLIA Satellite, from RM229*
  1. Sama-Sama Hotel - next to KLIA terminal, from RM513*
  1. Sri Enstek Hotel - 15km, from RM98*
  1. Sri Packers Hotel - 15km, from RM55*
  1. Concorde Inn, KLIA - 5km, from RM232*
  1. Gelenggang Transit House KLIA - KLIA2 Airport - 8km, from RM172*
  1. Hotel Double Star - 10km, from RM80*
  1. Hotel Seri Raha - 10km, from RM80*
  1. The youniQ Hotel - 12km, from RM120*
  1. Bary Inn - 12km, from RM130*
  1. Empress Hotel - 15km, from RM170*
  1. Casa Hotel - 16km, from RM100*
  1. Sky City Hotel, KLIA - 15km, from RM100*
  1. Rumah Putih Bed & Breakfast - 16km, from RM190*
  1. Moon Eleven Residences - 16km, from RM43*
  1. Jawadene Suite and Breakfast - 16km, from RM193*
  1. Oasis Hotel - 17km, from RM90*
  1. AITT Transit Guesthouse - 17km, from RM146*
  1. Langit-Langi Hotel - 18km, from RM76*
  1. D Boutique Hotel - 19km, from RM118*
  1. Sepang Budget Hotel - 20km, from RM85*
  1. Tune Hotel - DPulze Cyberjaya - 27km, from RM91*

*** Distance to KLIA2 is estimated. Room rates are subjected to changes and availability.

Hotels on Sale

Hotels Nearest To KLIA2/KLIA (Distance):

Hotels Near KLIA2/KLIA (by room rate):
*Room rates subjected to change. Please check with hotel before you book your room.

Hotel (by name) Contact Distance & Room Rate
Bary Inn, Sepang
Bary Inn, Sepang
8706 4267
8706 5267
Deluxe room from RM130
Concorde Inn, Sepang
Concorde Inn, KLIA
8783 3118
From RM220
Empress Hotel, Sepang
Empress Hotel
8706 7777
15 km
Superior room from RM172
Golden Palm Tree Resort
Golden Palm Tree Resort
3182 3600
From RM630
Hotel Seri Raha
Hotel Seri Raha
8705 2963
Deluxe From RM80
Langit-Langi Hotel
Langit-Langi Hotel
8768 0542
332 6008
RM68 - RM138
New Wave Budget Hotel
New Wave Budget Hotel
245 1585
RM65 - RM78
Nilai Springs Resort Hotel
Nilai Springs Resort Hotel
850 2288
From RM400
Rumah Putih B and B
Rumah Putih B & B
645 1542
From RM190
Sama-Sama Hotel, KLIA
Sama-Sama Hotel
8787 3333
From RM800
Sepang Budget Hotel
Sepang Budget Hotel
8768 6088
From RM60
Sky City Hotel
Sky City Hotel, KLIA
8706 1188
From RM100
The YouniQ Hotel
The YouniQ Hotel
8706 6988
From RM120
Tune Hotels, LCCT
Tune Hotels, KLIA-LCCT
7962 5888
From RM149