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LCCT is closed on 9 May 2014 On 9 May 2014, LCCT officially closes as KLIA2 takes over.
The new Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) is built to replace LCCT, with bigger and better facilities.
As a result, the information posted here is no longer relevant to the KLIA2.
For the latest information on the new Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2), please visit the
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Etiquette Tips for Staying in Hotels

In much the same way that you most probably have house rules in your own home, there is a list of acceptable and unacceptable things you can do when staying in a hotel.

Understanding and following these general etiquette tips will ensure you have an enjoyable, and trouble-free, break from your home environment.

Housekeeping Habits

Bed linen, bath towels and any other kind of frequently used item will quite likely be replaced on a daily basis. Staff will be on hand to clean up after you. However, do not be tempted to take advantage of this. Place all rubbish in the bin and aim to treat your hotel room like it is your own home. This includes keeping your own dirty laundry separate from the hotel's linen. Some hotels provide a clothes cleaning service and will list the appropriate action to take, in the guest handbook, if you wish to use this facility.

Whilst it is not obligatory to tip the person who changes your towels and makes your bed, a tip is always welcome. Do not, however, wait to leave a tip on the last day of your stay, as you may well end up tipping a maid who hasn't actually been in your room before - as staff will probably work on a shift pattern basis. It is therefore best to leave a small tip each day.

Be a Gracious Guest

Just because you are paying to stay at the hotel it does not mean you have to make demands. Unless your room is dirty, untidy or unsuitable for your needs. Being a gracious guest means you can enjoy your break without getting stressed. If you ask for room service or additional pillows etc., do allow staff sufficient time to fulfill your request before making further demands.

The Company of Strangers

Many business travellers spend a large chunk of their time travelling from one hotel to another. Many businesses will frequently choose one hotel to cater for all the company's accommodation booking requirements. If staying in a hotel for business purposes it is not recommended that you use your room for business meetings - many hotels will have conference or business facilities that provide a far more suitable option.

Sharing your room with a member of the opposite sex - regardless of whether or not this person is a colleague - will damage your business credibility, so is also best avoided.

Room Service

If you want to enjoy the pleasure of having breakfast in bed, make sure you put in your breakfast request the evening before. Most hotels will provide you with a breakfast order card, which you fill in and hang on the outside of your hotel room door. When your breakfast does arrive, it is acceptable to greet the waiter in your robe, and to allow him/her to set up the meal for you.

Tips for Tips

It is customary to tip the porter who delivers your luggage to your hotel room. It is also courteous to tip other members of staff who tend to your requests. A tip shows appreciation for the service you have received, so it is recommended that you show gratitude. However, a verbal thank you can also sometimes be sufficient. It is important to make sure that you offer a tip to a staff member who has run more than one errand for you, or who has been especially helpful.

Hotels near KLIA2 Airport

List of Hotels near KLIA2 / KLIA Airports
  1. Tune Hotel, KLIA2 - 3 mins walk, from RM197*
  1. Sama-Sama Express KLIA2 Transit Hotel - at KLIA2 Satellite, from RM173*
  1. Capsule by Container Hotel KLIA2 - at Gateway@KLIA2 mall, from RM45*
  1. Sama Sama Express, KLIA Transit Hotel - at KLIA Satellite, from RM229*
  1. Sama-Sama Hotel - next to KLIA terminal, from RM513*
  1. Sri Enstek Hotel - 15km, from RM98*
  1. Sri Packers Hotel - 15km, from RM55*
  1. Concorde Inn, KLIA - 5km, from RM232*
  1. Gelenggang Transit House KLIA - KLIA2 Airport - 8km, from RM172*
  1. Hotel Double Star - 10km, from RM80*
  1. Hotel Seri Raha - 10km, from RM80*
  1. The youniQ Hotel - 12km, from RM120*
  1. Bary Inn - 12km, from RM130*
  1. Empress Hotel - 15km, from RM170*
  1. Casa Hotel - 16km, from RM100*
  1. Sky City Hotel, KLIA - 15km, from RM100*
  1. Rumah Putih Bed & Breakfast - 16km, from RM190*
  1. Moon Eleven Residences - 16km, from RM43*
  1. Jawadene Suite and Breakfast - 16km, from RM193*
  1. Oasis Hotel - 17km, from RM90*
  1. AITT Transit Guesthouse - 17km, from RM146*
  1. Langit-Langi Hotel - 18km, from RM76*
  1. D Boutique Hotel - 19km, from RM118*
  1. Sepang Budget Hotel - 20km, from RM85*
  1. Tune Hotel - DPulze Cyberjaya - 27km, from RM91*

*** Distance to KLIA2 is estimated. Room rates are subjected to changes and availability.

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