About Skybus

Need a quality bus ride to LCCT? Or get out of LCCT to Kuala Lumpur? Try out the SkyBus!


What is Skybus

The SkyBus is one of the budget bus service providers that shuttles passengers between KL Sentral Station and LCCT. The SkyBus coach services can transit you from KL Sentral Station to LCCT, at an affordable price of RM9.00 for one-way trip.

The Skybus ticket can be purchased:

  1. Onboard on any AirAsia flight from the cabin crew
  2. Online while purchasing AirAsia tickets
  3. At designated SkyBus ticket booths at LCCT
  4. At the SkyBus platform at LCCT
  5. If you are traveling from KL Sentral, just board the bus and pay when you arrive at LCCT
  6. At the KL Sentral station, tickets can be purchased at the kerb beside the bus
  7. At the LCCT, tickets can be purchased at the SkyBus booth in the arrival hall or at the kerb beside the bus

If you bought the SkyBus ticket when booking your airline ticket, please print a copy of your itinerary and bring it with you. Once you get to the LCCT, go to the Skybus bus station outside of the LCCT, show the itinerary to the bus operator and a ticket will be issued to you at the spot.

Bus Schedule from LCCT to KL Sentral

KL Sentral
7.00am 8.15am
8.00am 9.15am
9.15am 10.30am
10.15am 11.30am
10.45am 12.00pm
11.15am 12.30pm
11.45am 1.00pm
12.15pm 1.30pm
12.45pm 2.00pm
1.15pm 2.30pm
1.45pm 3.00pm
2.15pm 3.30pm
2.45pm 4.00pm
KL Sentral
3.15pm 4.30pm
3.45pm 5.00pm
4.15pm 5.30pm
4.45pm 6.00pm
5.15pm 6.30pm
5.45pm 7.00pm
6.15pm 7.30pm
6.45pm 8.00pm
7.15pm 8.30pm
7.45pm 9.00pm
8.15pm 9.30pm
8.45pm 10.00pm
9.15pm 10.30pm
KL Sentral
9.45pm 11.00pm
10.15pm 11.30pm
10.45pm 12.00am
11.15pm 12.30am
11.45pm 1.00am
12.15am 1.30am
12.45am 2.00am
1.15am 2.30am
1.45am 3.00am
2.15am 3.30am
2.45am 4.00am

Bus Schedule from KL Sentral to LCCT

KL Sentral
3.00am 4.15am
3.30am 4.45am
4.00am 5.15am
4.30am 5.45am
5.00am 6.15am
5.30am 6.45am
6.00am 7.15am
6.30am 7.45am
7.00am 8.15am
7.30am 8.45am
8.00am 9.15am
8.30am 9.45am
9.00am 10.15am
KL Sentral
9.30am 10.45am
10.00am 11.15am
10.30am 11.45am
11.00am 12.15pm
11.30am 12.45pm
12.00pm 1.15pm
12.30pm 1.45pm
1.00pm 2.15pm
1.30pm 2.45pm
2.00pm 3.15pm
2.30pm 3.45pm
3.00pm 4.15pm
KL Sentral
3.30pm 4.45pm
4.00pm 5.15pm
4.30pm 5.45pm
5.00pm 6.15pm
5.30pm 6.45pm
6.00pm 7.15pm
6.30pm 7.45pm
7.00pm 8.15pm
7.30pm 8.45pm
8.00pm 9.15pm
9.00pm 10.15pm
10.00pm 11.15pm

Bus Schedule from 1 Utama to LCCT

Starting from 21st August 2010, the Skybus has a new service route from 1 Utama to LCCT. The bus schedule is as follow. The official schedule for service route from 1 Utama to LCCT can be reviewed on www.skybus.com.my.

SkyBus - 1 Utama Location Map

1 Utama
4:00am 5:15am
5:30am 6:45am
7:00am 8:15am
8:00am 9:15am
9:00am 10:15am
10:30am 11:45am
11:30am 12:45pm
12:30pm 1:45pm
2:00pm 3:15pm
3:00pm 4:15pm
4:00pm 5:15pm
6:00pm 7:15pm
1 Utama
5:45am 7:00am
7:15am 8:30am
8:45am 10:00am
9:45am 11:00am
10:45am 12:00pm
12:15pm 1:30pm
1:15pm 2:30pm
2:15pm 3:30pm
3:45pm 5:00pm
4:30pm 5:45pm
5:45pm 7:00pm
7:45pm 9:00pm

Contact Skybus


+(6016)-217 6950
Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm
(For all types of calls)

+6(016)-217 8496
Weekends & Public Holiday
For general enquiries or feedback
Address: Suite B-06-04, Block B, Level 6,
Plaza Mont Kiara
No. 2, Jalan Mont Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Email: info@skybus.com.my | Online feedback

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