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Curious about the LCCT, Malaysia's First Low Cost Carrier Terminal? Wondering what is LCCT, where is LCCT and how to get there? Need some maps to help you get there? Or simply want to take a satellite view of LCCT with Google Earth?

You can get to LCCT easily, either by driving through the ELITE highway, or LDP highway, taking a taxi, using the KTM Komuter or Express Rail Link (ERL), getting on SkyBus, Airport Liner, Star Shuttle, Aerobus, or other public bus from the KL Sentral Station, or flying in with one of the budget airlines.

Once you are there, you should not have much trouble with the parking there. If you have extra time before boarding, do check out the internet access and what's available. If you have to stay a night around KLIA or LCCT, here are some hotels for you to choose. Hungry? grab some food! :-)

Don't have time to be there this round? Questions? You can contact relevant authorities at the LCCT. Or check out what others had said about the LCCT.

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