Taxi Charges

Taxi fares in Malaysia are calculated according to meters.

The flagged down fare is RM2.00 for the first two kilometers and 10 cent for every 200 meters thereafter (subject to change).

A 50% surcharge is levied between midnight and 6.00 AM. Additional RM1.00 is charged for telephone booking, 3rd adult passenger (max 4) and/or baggage stored in boot.

Passengers have the right to object if the taxi driver stops to pick up other passengers along the way.

Outside the city, as well as in other parts of Malaysia, taxis operate on a fixed rate depending on the distance.

The Airport limousine taxis (budget or premier) at the LCCT or KLIA operate using a prepaid coupon system. Passengers are advised to purchase the coupon at the taxi counters.


Need a taxi? You can call the following taxi operators for services:

Company Telephone
Airport Limo & Taxi Service +(603) 9223 8080, +(603) 9223 8949, +(603) 8787 3675 (KLIA Counter)
City Line +(603) 9222 2828
Comfort Taxi +(603) 2692 2525
Eco Transit +(603) 5512 2266
Mesra Cab +(603) 4043 0659
Oriental Radio Taxi +(603) 2694 4718
Persatuan Radio Teksi Selangor & W.P. +(603) 2693 6211
Public Cab +(603) 6259 2020
Radio Taxi +(603) 9221 7600
Saujana Teksi +(603) 2162 8888
Sunlight Radio Taxi +(603) 9057 1111
Supercab +(603) 2095 3399
TeleCab +(603) 4042 1019
UpTown Ace SuperCab (Yellow Cab) +(603) 9283 2333
Wira Cab +(603) 2144 3630
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Below is the list of taxi charges imposed on travelling from various locations to the LCCT.

Zone Pickup Location Budget (RM) Premier (RM) Family (RM)
101 Concorde Inn, KLIA
Empress Hotel
Salak Tinggi
Kota Warisan
Airport Maintenance Centre (AMC) Building
MAS Building, KLIA
18.20 30.00 45.00
201 Pekan Salak
Salak Tinggi Lama
De Palma Inn Sepang
Nilai 3
Kompleks Kargo
Sepang International Circuit (SIC)
Nilai College
Kuarters KLIA
INTI College
Kuarters Nilai
Pekan Sepang
Allson Klana Nilai
27.20 45.00 67.50
401 Shah Alam 47.30 77.10 115.70
402 Petaling Jaya 47.50 77.30 116.00
502 Kuala Lumpur (Town) 56.60 92.40 138.60
505 Klang 56.10 91.10 137.90
603 Ampang 65.60 107.40 161.10

These taxi charges are subjected to changes. It is last updated on 30th April 2006.

Online Suggestions:

Here are some posts recommending the services of some of the taxi operators, maybe you may want to consider? Having said that, these suggestions are posted for convenience only and as such we do not accept responsibilities on any consequences in any way whatsoever. :-)

According to article posted by Patrick:

Since there have been so many requests for taxi contacts by pm, emails and also postings here, I think I might as well post these few taxis contact for everyone's benefit. Please note that they are NOT my personal friends but I have used them and found them to be very friendly, reasonable, careful drivers and reliable.


Fairus Taxi HB 8761 Tel: +(6016) 9260 789. Charges about RM40-45 from USJ to LCCT or KLIA.

Azman Taxi HWC 389 Tel: +(6017) 2473 843. Same as above.

Rahman Taxi HWC 4570 Tel: +(6012) 615 0044. Charges about RM50 to LCCT. But can negotiate on phone first.

As Rahman is an LCCT taxi, you can reserve him to pick you from LCCT. What I do is I book him ahead, and I call him when I am back. He will be in front of the arrival hall for me. You can buy coupon or just pay him direct.

Beh Taxi 2112 Tel +(6012) 365 3075. He drives an MPV to KLIA. Negotiable and reasonable rate.

Some interesting comments on taxi services to and from LCCT...

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