Internet Access @LCCT

Hurray! Thanks to Malaysia Airports Berhad's efforts to service passangers at the LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) better, the "hotspot" Wifi@LCCT-KLIA service was launched by Malaysia Airports Berhad's Managing Director Datuk Seri Bashir Ahmad in April 2007!

This enhanced wired and wireless access is available at both the International and Domestic departure area and the Public departure concourse. With this, the passangers will have internet access for free.

As such, this makes my following statements obsolete. And I'm glad it's happening. :-) You may want to check out The Star Online for more information. I'll post some photos if I have the time to be at LCCT again.

My last visit to LCCT at the end of May 2006 showed that there was no wireless internet access at LCCT. 3G was not available too. Only GPRS connection is there.

Compared to what's available at Singapore's Budget Terminal, I think the relevant authorities can learn something, and hopefully do something about it?

The following pictures were taken at Singapore's Budget Terminal. They are linked from


It is nice, isn't it? :-)