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I need to talk to someone with regards to LCCT, who can I call for help?

I would suggest the following articles:

LCCT Contact

Taxis Contact

Bus Operators Contact

Airline Operators Contact

Hotel Operators Contact


I'm going to LCCT, I need to know what are my options?

Here are some suggestions:

A taxi

A bus

A van

A rental car

A plane

And a map


I'm getting a taxi. How much would it cost me to go from KL to LCCT? Or from LCCT to KL? Or from KLIA to LCCT? Or from LCCT to KLIA?

Please read the info on taxi services.


I'm parking my car at LCCT, I need to know more about parking, parking charges, parking security, etc...

Please read the info on parking facilities.


Is there a bus traveling between LCCT and KLIA?

There are transit buses between LCCT and KLIA. It is about 15 minutes bus ride. Please read the info on bus services.


I'm at KL Sentral Station. How do I go to LCCT?

Please read the info on bus Services. More specifically, you can check out the SkyBus or AeroBus.


I'm now at Subang. How do I go to LCCT?

The Star Shuttle is now available as an alternative transport to all who will be going to LCCT from Subang Jaya. The buses can now be boarded from outside the entrance of Subang Parade in front of Digital One.


I'm now at LCCT. How do I go to Puduraya?

There is direct transport option at the moment. Your best option is to take a bus or KLIA Express Rail Link to KL Sentral Station. At the KL Sentral Station, you can then take the Putra LRT to go to Pudu Station.


I'm now at LCCT. How do I go to Putrajaya?

Take a transit bus from LCCT to KLIA which is about 15 minutes ride. From KLIA, you then take a KLIA Express Rail Link to Putrajaya.

Alternatively, you can consider getting a taxi.


I'm now at Ipoh. How do I go to LCCT?

You can find more info on YoYo Worldwide Sdn Bhd page. Also, the Star Shuttle is now servicing the customers at Ipoh.


Where is LCCT? How to I get there? What highway should I use? How long would it take?

Please read the info on LCCT location.


Can I see LCCT with Google Earth?

Please read the info on Google Earth.


I'm staying over at LCCT, I need a hotel room. Any budget hotels near LCCT or KLIA?

Here are some suggestions:

Hotels around LCCT

Pan pacific hotel

Concorde inn, KLIA

De palma inn, Sepang

Empress hotel, Sepang


What are other facilities available at LCCT?

Please read the info on LCCT facilities and internet access.


What's like being at LCCT? I like to know what others think...

Please read the info on LCCT experience.


I'm interested to know more about LCCT, maybe some LCCT background information? And the latest news and development?

Please read the info on LCCT background and latest news.


I want to go from LCCT to Genting Highlands, what's my option? How to go to Genting Highlands from LCCT with my whole family?

You can take a bus, maybe Skybus or Aerobus, from LCCT to KL Sentral Station. Once you reach KL Sentral Station, you can use the Genting Express Bus service to go to Genting Highlands. If you are traveling in group, you can read the info on SkyVans.

You can opt for a taxi, but it's an option that's quite expensive.


I need to check and confirm my flight at LCCT, is there a webpage that shows the flight timetable/schedule?

Unlike the eTimeTable posted at KLIA webpage, this website doesn't have any webpage that publishes the flight schedule at LCCT yet... Hopefully it will be provided in the near future. Alternatively, you may contact the relevant authorities at LCCT for help.


I have a question regarding this www.lcct.com.my website, who can I contact?

If you have queries about this website, please email the Web administrator. We will try our best to answer your questions or suggestions.



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