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 Others...  PLUS Highway Toll System
 KL Sentral Station >> Gallery 1 >> Gallery 2  Google PageRank
 Salak Tinggi  Entry Requirements To Malaysia
 Kota Warisan  Travel Tips To Malaysia
 Amcorp Mall  


Here are some additional to-dos I plan to complete in due time... :-)

• Add a new page to calculate PLUS Highway toll rate. See work in progress...

• Update promotional events from AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines.

• Provide additional information on KTM stations. See list of KTM Komuter Stations here.

• Update news and events related to LCCT - the new LCCT expansion is ongoing and I'm yet to include any new updates on the progress... :-)

• Update users' experience on LCCT.

• Update LCCT's new parking charges. There has been a upward revision on parking rate at LCCT.

• Add a new page to calculate taxi rate.

• Find some pictures for where to take buses in KL Sentral station.

Any suggestions? Drop me an email...

Hope that you have found some useful info here and enjoyed visiting this website.

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