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Need a quality bus ride to LCCT? Try out the SkyBus!

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The SkyBus coach services can connect you from KL Sentral Station to LCCT, at an affordable price of RM9.00 for one-way trip.

Currently, the SkyBus is the only one of the many budget bus service providers that shuttles passengers between KL Sentral Station and LCCT.

In conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2007, SkyVans, a new service from SkyBus, will be offering a fleet of vans to transfer SkyBus passengers from KL Sentral Station to Hotels* at only RM9.00 one way.

The bus tickets can be purchased onboard on any AirAsia flight from the cabin crew, at designated SkyBus ticket booths at LCCT, or at the SkyBus platform at LCCT. If you are traveling from KL Sentral, just board the bus and pay when you arrive at LCCT.

For more details on SkyBus, please visit SkyBus online.

The Bus schedule is as follow:

SkyBus Schedule:
Departure from KL-Sentral Arrival to LCCT Departure from LCCT Arrival to KL-Sentral
3.30am 4.45am 7.15am 8.30am
4.00am 5.15am 9.45am 11.00am
4.15am 5.30am 10.15am 11.30am
4.30am 5.45am 10.45am 12.00pm
4.45am 6.00am 11.15am 12.30pm
5.00am 6.15am 11.45am 1.00pm
5.30am 6.45am 12.15pm 1.30pm
6.00am 7.15am 12.45pm 2.00pm
6.30am 7.45am 1.00pm 2.15pm
7.00am 8.15am 1.15pm 2.30pm
7.15am 8.30am 1.30pm 2.45pm
7.30am 8.45am 1.45pm 3.00pm
7.45am 9.00am 2.00pm 3.15pm
8.00am 9.15am 2.15pm 3.30pm
8.30am 9.45am 2.30pm 3.45pm
9.00am 10.15am 2.45pm 4.00pm
9.30am 10.45am 3.15pm 4.30pm
10.00am 11.15am 3.45pm 5.00pm
10.15am 11.30am 4.00pm 5.15pm
10.30am 11.45am 4.15pm 5.30pm
10.45am 12.00pm 4.30pm 5.45pm
11.00am 12.15pm 4.45pm 6.00pm
11.30am 12.45pm 5.15pm 6.30pm
12.00pm 1.15pm 5.45pm 7.00pm
12.15pm 1.30pm 6.15pm 7.30pm
12.30pm 1.45pm 6.45pm 8.00pm
12.45pm 2.00pm 7.15pm 8.30pm
1.00pm 2.15pm 7.45pm 9.00pm
1.30pm 2.45pm 8.15pm 9.30pm
2.00pm 3.15pm 8.45pm 10.00pm
2.30pm 3.45pm 9.15pm 10.30pm
3.00pm 4.15pm 9.45pm 11.00pm
3.30pm 4.45pm 10.15pm 11.30pm
4.00pm 5.15pm 10.45pm 12.00am
4.30pm 5.45pm 11.00pm 12.15am
5.00pm 6.15pm 11.15pm 12.30am
5.30pm 6.45pm 11.30pm 12.45am
6.00pm 7.15pm 11.45pm 1.00am
6.30pm 7.45pm 12.00am 1.15am
7.00pm 8.15pm 12.15am 1.30am
7.30pm 8.45pm 12.30am 1.45am

The above schedule was last updated in Jan 2007. Please contact and confirm with the person in charge to verify the final schedule.

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