On 9 May 2014, LCCT officially closes, a new Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) is built to replace the LCCT with bigger & better facilities. As a result, the info posted on this website is no longer applicable to the new KLIA2. Visit www.klia2.info for latest info on the new klia2 terminal.

Can I check my schedule here for my flight at LCCT?

Previously, we said…

Unlike the eTimeTable posted on KLIA webpage, this website doesn’t have any webpage that publishes the flight schedule at LCCT yet… Hopefully it will be provided in the near future. Alternatively, you may contact the relevant authorities at LCCT for help.

Effective 4th June 2010…

Your flight schedule/status is available!

Visit the KLIA & LCCT Flight Schedule for a list of flight schedule and status.

LCCT Authorities

For questions and enquiries, you may contact the following:

Contact LCCT

Address of LCCT:

  • Jalan KLIA S3, Southern Support Zone, KLIA, 64000 Sepang.


  • +603 8777 8888

Customer Service:

  • +603 8660 4518

Immigrations Department:

  • +(603) 8775 2715

Lost & Found:

  • +603 8775 2927
  • +603 8777 6604 (CBTO Office)

Call Center:

  • +603 2171 9333
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