On 9 May 2014, LCCT officially closes, a new Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) is built to replace the LCCT with bigger & better facilities. As a result, the info posted on this website is no longer applicable to the new KLIA2. Visit www.klia2.info for latest info on the new klia2 terminal.

How do I go to LCCT?

There are many options on how to go to LCCT, here are some suggestion.

Drive Your Own Car

Driving a car in Malaysia? The primary road access from Kuala Lumpur to LCCT is one of the following:

Once you get on any of this highways, there will be road signs along the way leading you to the LCCT. Some suggestions are as follow:

  • Use the NKVE or Federal Highway via the Shah Alam Interchange to enter the Elite Highway.
  • Alternatively, use the North-South Highway to Seremban and exit before Nilai into the Elite Highway.
  • A third approach is via the new KL-Putrajaya Highway, exiting at the Putrajaya Link to join the North South Central Link (NSCL).

All these roads will lead you to the KLIA toll plaza. After you pay the exit toll at the KLIA toll plaza, turn left after another 5.7 km. Going straight will take you to the KLIA Main terminal Building instead. You will see a roundabout after seeing a mosque on your left. Keep going straight (12 o'clock).

You will then reach a set of traffic lights. The LCCT is only another 5.7 km away. Just keep going straight after you pass the Sepang International Circuit race track on your left.

Driving from Damansara to LCCT
43.95km from Damansara
Driving from Kuala Lumpur to LCCT
46.83km from Kuala Lumpur
Driving from Cheras to LCCT
34.43km from Cheras
Driving from Port Klang to LCCT
44.55km from Port Klang
Driving from Shah Alam to LCCT
42.56km from Shah Alam
Driving from Melaka to LCCT
85.41km from Melaka

Travel from other locations? Use this tool to calculate distance and get driving directions.

Toll Rates:
  • From Sg Besi to KLIA Toll Plaza: RM 7.70 for cars, RM 4.10 for taxis
  • From Jalan Duta to KLIA Toll Plaza: RM 9.10 for cars, RM 4.70 for taxis
  • From Putrajaya Link to KLIA Toll Plaza: RM 4.30 for cars, RM 2.40 for taxis
  • All toll charges quoted for Class 1 & 4 vehicles (cars & taxis) & subject to future revisions

Taking a Taxi

Most Taxi from most parts of the city should be able to bring you directly to the LCCT. Here is a short list of taxi service providers for your perusal.

Service Provider Telephone
Airport Limo and Taxi Service +(603) 9223 8080
+(603) 8787 3030
+(603) 8787 3678 (KLIA)
City Line +(603) 9222 2828
LCCT LIMO Airport Taxi & Van +(6017) 311 6118
+(6017) 365 1559
Eco Transit +(603) 5512 2266
Mesra Cab +(603) 4043 0659
Oriental Radio Taxi +(603) 2694 4718
Persatuan Radio Teksi Selangor and W.P. +(603) 2693 6211
Public Cab +(603) 6259 2020
Radio Taxi +(603) 9221 7600
Saujana Teksi +(603) 2162 8888
Sunlight Radio Taxi +(603) 9057 1111
+(603) 9057 5757
Supercab +(603) 2095 3399
TeleCab +(603) 4042 1019
UpTown Ace SuperCab (Yellow Cab) +(603) 9283 2333
Wira Cab +(603) 2144 3630
Comfort Taxi +(603) 2692 2525
+(603) 8024 2727

KTM Komuter

The KTM Komuter is a fast and efficient public transport catering especially to commuters in Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding suburban areas.

To go to LCCT using KTM Komuter, You can go to any KTM Komuter station and then head towards Nilai station. There will be connecting feeder bus between Nilai station and LCCT.

Overview of KTM Komuter Stations

The fees charged on travelling between KL Sentral station and Nilai station is RM4.70.

KTM Komuter tickets can be purchased at the counters or by using the self-service Ticket Vending Machines, which are available at all stations and halts. You can review the KTM Komuter fare schedule before getting on a KTM Komuter.

Interested to read more about KTM Komuter?

Express Rail Link (KLIA Ekspres & KLIA Transit)

The KLIA Ekspres service and KLIA Transit service are available at KL Sentral Station. What's the difference between the KLIA Ekspres and the KLIA Transit?

KLIA Ekspres

Simply, the KLIA Ekspres will perform a non-stop connection from Kuala Lumpur City Air Terminal (KL CAT) at KL Sentral Station to the KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport).

KLIA Transit

The KLIA Transit will do intermittent stop at Bandar Tasik Selatan, Putrajaya/Cyberjaya, Salak Tinggi station, and then the KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport).

KLIA Transit (KL Sentral To KLIA Route)

KLIA Transit From KL Sentral to KLIA

See complete schedule from KL Sentral to KLIA. Once you are at KLIA or Salak Tinggi station, there are feeder bus service to take you to the LCCT.

Interested to know more about KLIA Ekspres or KLIA Transit?

Public Buses

Many buses are available to get you from various locations to LCCT easily. Please read more on bus services.

Here is a summary on estimated costs and travel times for the bus option. The actual time and cost may vary due to unforseen circumstances. It's provided here as a guide only:

Transportation option Cost (RM) Estimated Time
From Banting 3.20 – 3.50  
From Banting 3.20 – 3.50  
From Bukit Changgang 2.20  
From Ipoh 30.00 – 42.00 3 hours 30 mins
From Klang 15.00 1 hour
From KLIA 1.50 15 mins
From Kuala Lumpur 10.00 – 20.00 75 mins
From Kuantan / Temerloh 35.00 6 hours
From Malacca 22.00  
From Medan, Gopeng 42.00  
From Nilai 1.50 – 2.50 15 mins
Transportation option Cost (RM) Estimated Time
From Salak Tinggi 1.50 15 mins
From Seremban 6.00  
From Shah Alam 10.00 – 15.00 1 hour
From Sitiawan 48.00 5 hours
From Subang    
From Teluk Intan 45.00 4 hours
Bus from KL Sentral to LCCT Cost (RM)
Skybus 9.00
Aerobus 8.00
Airport Coach 10.00
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