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AirAsia X’s maiden flight To Gold Coast

September 29, 2007

AirAsia X’s first flight will be to the Gold Coast in Australia on Nov 2 and for the first eight flights it will cost just about RM1,020 for a return trip.

This is about 30% less than the cheapest fare available on other airlines for tickets to Australia. However, travellers have the next two days (today and tomorrow) to book their tickets via www.airasia.com and the cheap fare is only for the travel period between Nov 2 and 14.

AirAsia X chief operating officer Azran Osman-Rani said that even after the promotional period, the airline’s fares would still be cheaper than any full-service carrier by between 30% and 50%.

During the promotional period, the one-way fare from KLIA-LCCT to the Gold Coast Airport is RM50 while the return trip is priced at AUD$99 (RM298). Airport tax, fuel surcharge and administrative fee for the flight from Malaysia total RM292 while the same charges from Australia cost AUD$127 (RM382)

The airline will commence four direct return flights per week between Gold Coast Airport and KLIA-LCCT (see box).

The airline will commence four (4) direct return flights per week between Gold Coast Airport and Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT), Kuala Lumpur beginning Nov 2.

Azran said the inaugural flight would carry 315 passengers – 279 in economy class seats and 36 in premium XL seats – in the airline’s Airbus A330-300 aircraft which arrived earlier this month.

AirAsia X is the extension of AirAsia’s successful short haul low cost model in South East Asia.

He said Gold Coast was an ideal choice as AirAsia X’s first destination as it was a popular destination amongst Asians.

“Gold Coast will definitely be a hit with Malaysian travellers.

“We are keen to position Gold Coast as the gateway to Australia as the airport also offers strong domestic connections for low cost travel to Sydney and Melbourne,” he said at the unveiling of the airfare in Gold Coast yesterday.

AirAsia X To Australia

This article is a verbatim copy of the original article from The Star.

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