On 9 May 2014, LCCT officially closes, a new Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) is built to replace the LCCT with bigger & better facilities. As a result, the info posted on this website is no longer applicable to the new KLIA2. Visit www.klia2.info for latest info on the new klia2 terminal.

Long-term car park facility at KLIA

6 August, 2008

THE KL International Airport (KLIA) has opened a new parking facility for people to park their cars at the airport for more than three days.

The minimum parking period is three days at RM129, equal to the RM43 per day rate at the usual carpark.

But every day of parking after that will cost only RM15 per day.

"Our target groups are passengers travelling overseas for leisure or business as they will enjoy a maximum parking period at minimum rate," Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) senior operations general manager Datuk Azmi Murad said in a statement yesterday.

The long-term car park offers 530 parking lots at Level 4 and 5 of Block A.

Passengers departing from LCCT-KLIA can park their cars and take a bus to the terminal.

This article is a verbatim copy of the original article from The Star.

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