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LCCT now fully operational after fire but flights delayed

9 January, 2009

Budget airport terminal LCCT is now fully operational.

Budget airline Air Asia's head Datuk Tony Fernandes said that no flights were cancelled due to fire at the LCCT Friday morning but more than 20 flights would be delayed.

Meanwhile, Malaysia Airport Holdings Bhd Senior General Manager Datuk Azmi Murad said that even when the fire was being put out, only check-ins had been briefly halted.

He said the fire started in the storeroom of a duty free shop in the current international departure hall.

"The small fire started at about 11.15am and was caused by a spark from some of the ongoing works near there landing on a box in the storeroom."

Azmi said it was normal procedure in the event of a fire to evacuate passengers from the airport and stop check-ins.

"The terminal was not closed. There was a lot of smoke but it was a small fire that was put out immediately," he said, adding that operations fully resumed at 12.30pm.

This article is a verbatim copy of the original article from The Star.

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