On 9 May 2014, LCCT officially closes, a new Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) is built to replace the LCCT with bigger & better facilities. As a result, the info posted on this website is no longer applicable to the new KLIA2. Visit www.klia2.info for latest info on the new klia2 terminal.

Zone and number the LCCT parking bays

The parking area in LCCT is open to rain and shine which is not  covered and the bays are not numbered. When you are hurry to send your loved ones and guests to the airport on time, the best way to recognize the place where you park your car is, just remember the number written somewhere nearer to the bay.

LCCT parking area is badly managed in the sense not  having done the zoning to facilitate the customers and you have to be very careful in remembering  where you actually parked the car, it is opposite to the arrival area or departure area or nearer to KFC or pos laju and many more.

Since the crowd is getting bigger, it may be hard for a person who is in deep thought of his own world, often finds very difficult to find his vehicle not only in unnumbered LCCT, but also well numbered Megamall, if he is not attentive in noting down the color, icon and number of the parking bay in his memory.

Could LCCT management look into this matter and sort out?

lakshmiregu, 3 Jan 2010

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