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MAHB introducing more competitive parking rate at KLIA and LCCT

1 August 2011

Passengers using the parking facility at LCCT-KLIA can now enjoy a more competitive parking rate as Malaysia Airports will be introducing a new tariff for the LCCT-KLIA effective 1 August.

Compared to the current rate where users paid the same rate regardless of the parking zone, public who park their vehicles at Zone C, which is located farthest from the terminal, will now enjoy a lower parking rate compared to those who parked at Zone A, located nearest to the terminal. The new parking rate for Zone C will also see a reduction of RM3 for long term parking which will now cost RM 33.50 for 24 hours parking. See schedule of parking rates.

Zone C, which was an expanded parking area introduced in September 2010, was one of the major facelift that the parking lots at LCCT-KLIA have undergone. An additional 1,100 lots have been allocated, taking the total number of parking lots at LCCT-KLIA to 3,000 lots. 12 additional payment machines have been installed at LCCT-KLIA, with more entrance and exit lanes provided.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) has been increased to enhance security at the parking area, and the parking areas also boost of having the License Plate Recognition System that enables computer systems to read automatically the registration number (license number) of vehicles from digital pictures.

Both parking facilities at KLIA and LCCT-KLIA are already Touch N’ Go able, and to provide extra security, additional close circuit tv (cctv) have been installed.

The new parking rate effective 1 August 2011 will also see revised charges at KLIA’s Main Terminal Building (new rates attached). For both terminals, the normal rate will be re-applied after the 24th hour parking charge. The parking rates are inclusive of 6% service tax as required by the Government.

The revision of the parking rates is in tandem with the enhancement of the services and parking facilities that Malaysia Airports has undertaken to provide more convenience to the public.

Source: www.malaysiaairports.com.my.

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