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Complaints on taxi services

As this website is not the official authorities in charge of the terminal’s operations, we regret to inform you that we have no authority to do justification for your complaints. However, if it’s ok with you, we would publish your messages so that others can be alert and, hopefully, benefit from reading your complaints.

It’s also our sincere hope that the relevant authorities can use this information to improve the quality of the taxi services.

6 March 09
Good day to you.

I would like to make a complaint on the service of the LCCT Budget Taxi Driver with the taxi registration number HWC 8827. My husband and I was just came back from Bali for honeymoon and we took a budget taxi on 6 March 09, around 12:00am, going back to our house in Taman Sri Andalas, Klang. We can understand and tolerate the bad attitude of the driver afterall it’s just a budget taxi. But finally the situation became intolerable when the driver started to loose focus and even falled asleep once while driving where the taxi was actually stopped in the middle of the road until the incoming cars flashed on us. This is really ridiculous and dangerous!! We do not want to risk our life in this kind of situation, in the hand of such people that has no respect to other people’s life!!!

We hope LCCT can take action to improve the quality of the budget taxi service.
Thanks for your kind attention.

Regards, Mr. and Mrs. Saw

6 November 2008
Tuan, saya ada aduan yang hendak disampaikan kepada pihak berkenaan, diharap aduan ini akan mendapat perhatian yang berkenaan. Sila sampaikan kepada pihak yang berkenaan jikalau tuan bukanlah pihak tersebut, teima kasih.

Complaint against taxi driver of HWC 9719 (AP 30, WCS 55, TS 195×15) registered under Rich Bonus Sdn Bhd

I wish to place on record my complaint against the driver of HWC 9719 and would like to demand for an apology from the said driver.

I got into the taxi at about 4.30pm in LCCT on 6 November 2008. The taxi was playing some sort of “prayer song” at that time.
As the taxi was driving away from LCCT, I requested that the driver switch off the radio/tape in his car as I would like some peace to think and to make a few phone calls. The driver scolded me and rudely said that I should not “question his right to play prayer song” and that if I don’t like it, I should “pulang ke China”.

I was then driven back to LCCT. I subsequently boarded another taxi with a small TV screen and requested the taxi driver to switch off his small screen TV and audio as I would like some peace and quiet to make my phone calls. My request was promptly allowed.

My complaint is that action should be taken against the first taxi driver and his company for the following reasons:-

  • Taxis are front liners at LCCT. I am ashamed that a visitor may risk indignity of insult if they requested for the taxi radio to be switched off. This intolerant image is not the kind of image Malaysians would like to highlight to our visitors who are customers of the taxi; and
  • The taxi driver is rude to me.

In addition, it is doubtful whether the taxi driver was in the appropriate “uniform” at the material time.

I only request a sincere apology from the driver. If he refuses, then I trust you will take all necessary action to prevent another passenger from suffering such indignity and abuse, especially if the passenger happens to be an overseas visitor.

Lee Cheang Hui

I wants to share this experience with other LCC Terminal user especially when your flight is arrive at midnight. This happened on 16th Nov 2006 midnight, after i check out from the airport I bought a ticket with MESRA INDAH JAYA (MIS) the only counter in LCCT at 01:26:39 (counter PIC Sabariyah). My house address is Puchong Batu 6, the counter issue me a ticket with listed that PUCHONG BATU 5 – 6 1/2 and the charges is RM78.75 (included midnight charge).

Unfortunately, after about 5 minutes journey this Budget Taxi driver said that my place should categarise in Old Klang Road and the price is RM92.75, I must pay him extra to arrive my house, and he also said that in this case he will just send me to old klang road which is the price I gave.

I don’t think I should pay him additional charges

  • 1st reason: my home address listed that PUCHONG BATU 6
  • 2nd reason: counter charge me is based on PUCHONG BATU 5 – 6 1/2 (my address not even out of the boudaries)
  • 3rd reason: the driver show me a booklet listed that all the charge on RM61++(for day time) BUT my house is not OLD KLANG ROAD or JALAN KLANG LAMA or KUCHAI LAMA or JALAN TAN YEW LAI.
  • 4th reason: I am not sure that booklet’s validity.
  • 5th reason: customer shouldn’t pay for their (MIS and taxi driver) MISTAKE.

I can’t believe with this kind of service how they can serves customer better? This is my 2nd time taking taxi from LCCT at midnight. suggest to LCCT user the better way to get home or your place is take AirAsia Shuttle to KL Sentral. eventhough time time consume but better get drop in the middle of the highway or middle of the night.

Phoebe Khoo

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