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AirAsia FAQs – Booking

Can I book a connecting flight to a different city?

AirAsia’s website only supports booking of travel for either one way or return travel pairs only. You can however, make multiple separate bookings to arrive at the destination of your choice. Please check AirAsia’s Route Map for connections.

Where can I obtain the list of fees and charges?

On AirAsia’s homepage, click on Fees And Charges page to view fees, charges and taxes applicable for your flight.

Is it possible for me to insert a single word name during booking?

For guests who have a single word name, enter that name for both "First Name" and "Last Name/Surname".

If I have an alias or a second name, which name should I use during booking?

It is mandatory that your name should be identical to your passport, visa and other travel documents as appropriate identification at check-in and also to meet the entry requirements of the destination.

How do I obtain seat numbers for the flights that I have booked?

Guests are able to choose from Hot Seats or Standard Seats with Pick A Seat, AirAsia’s seat assignment service. Guests who've not opted to purchase a seat during flight booking will be automatically assigned a seat. The seat number will be available on the boarding pass during check-in.

Is airport tax refundable?

In line with industry practice, Airport Tax will only be refunded when contacted by the guest. To request for a refund, the guest should send an email to AirportTaxRefund@airasia.com.

You will receive an acknowledgment within 15 working days. All Airport Tax refunds shall be subjected to a Processing Fee specified in AirAsia’s Fee Schedule.

The mode of refund will depend on the guest's original mode of payment when the seat was purchased. The refund can only be given to the person(s) named in the booking and not to a third party, in accordance to the mode of payment for the seat.

Do provide us with the following information when you contact us for your refund.

a) Payment by credit card:

  1. The Reservation/ Booking Reference Number

b) Payment by Direct Debit or Cash or Travel Agent:

  1. The Reservation/ Booking Reference Number
  2. Bank Account Number
  3. Bank Name
  4. Name of Account Holder (Refund can only be given to the person named as a guest in the booking and not to a third party).

Can I book an international flight even though my passport has expired?

You can book your flight first by using your identification card number or the number of your current passport. After you've obtained your new passport, kindly logon to Manage My Booking or contact AirAsia’s Call Centre to update your passport details.

What identification documents will children below 12 years old need for travel?

Children below 12 years old who have not been issued a Malaysian identity card will be required to provide thier birth certificates as proof of identity to travel within Malaysia and a passport to travel to international destinations.

How do I book a flight?

You can book a flight online or via mobile on mobile.airasia.com; through the Call Centre, Sales Office and Airport Sales Counter, Authorized Travel Agents.
Please note that opening hours for AirAsia’s Call Centres, Sales Offices and Airport Sales Counter may vary.

What is Infant Special Service Request?

If you are an adult traveling with an Infant (toddlers below the age of two) you will need to subscribe to the Infant Special Service Request when you are purchasing your seat.

Can I book rooms with my flight online?

Yes, you can book rooms with your flights from AirAsia’s extensive selection of hotels, hostels, boutique hotels and luxury stays on airasiago.com or by clicking on the Room + Flight tab on airasia.com.

How do I know if my booking is confirmed?

The status in your flight itinerary should be "Confirmed". If you have a booking where the status is ''Pending'', please logon to Manage My Booking to check the status of your booking after 24 hours.

What travel documents do I need for travel on a domestic route?

Malaysian adults travelling within Malaysia (including Sabah and Sarawak) must produce their identification cards during check-in. Non-Malaysians as well as permanent residents of Malaysia must produce a passport when travelling to East Malaysia.

Children below the age of 12 years old who have not been issued idenfication cards must either produce a passport or a birth certificate when travelling within Malaysia during check-in.

How do I print my online travel itinerary?

To retrieve your itinerary, please logon to Manage My Booking and choose My Booking.

Enter your flight details or login with your AirAsia member identity to obtain your itinerary. Once the itinerary is displayed, turn on your printer and you're ready to print.

Do I need a visa to travel?

Visa requirements vary from country to country. As such, you are advised to ensure that you have complied with these requirements prior to travelling.

For more information on entry requirements, please contact the embassy of the country of which you will be travelling to.

Can children travel alone without adult supervision?

Children below the age of 12 years old will only be allowed to travel if accompanied by a person of at least 18 years of age.

Children aged between 12 -16 years old are allowed to travel alone provided that a parent/guardian indemnifies AirAsia and remain at the airport until the flight has departed.

Does AirAsia allow expectant mothers to fly?

Yes, provided that the expectant mother is not into the 36th week of pregnancy and has met the requirements stated in AirAsia’s Terms and Conditions.

How can I purchase a holiday package?

You can purchase holiday packages through airasiago.com For more information, please visit AirAsia’s AirAsiaGo page.

Is there such a thing as child fare?

Child fare is not available although AirAsia strives to offer low fares to all AirAsia’s guests.

If AirAsia flights are full, can I travel on standby or as a waiting list guest?

AirAsia does not operate on a standby/waitlist booking policy. All guests booked on a flight are guaranteed a seat.

What is the difference between the definition of an infant and a child?

AirAsia defines an infant to be from 9 days old to under 24 months old and a child from 24 months to under 12 years old. If you'd like to bring an infant on a flight, you'll be subjected to the infant fee as provided for in the fee schedule.

How do I know what fare class I am booking?

Click on Fare Rules at the bottom of the fare listing to see what fare class you are on. From your fare class, you will know which changes are possible.

When do I receive my tickets for the AirAsia flights that I have booked?

AirAsia is a ticketless airline so instead of tickets, AirAsia will provide you with an itinerary which contains your booking number as well as your payment and travel details via email. To view your booking online, please select the Manage My Booking feature on AirAsia’s homepage.

What travel documents do I need when I travel to an international destination?

All guest travelling on international routes must possess a valid passport with at least six (6) months validity and the applicable, valid visas. Such guests shall also possess a return on an onward journey ticket.

How many guests can I include in one booking?

You may have up to 9 guests in a single booking. To book additional guests, please repeat the process to create a separate booking. Alternatively, you can also make a group booking by contacting us (Please see Group Booking for details)

How to I clear my browser’s cache?

Depending on which browser you are using, the cache can be easily cleared by following these simple steps. After you have cleared your browser’s cache, try logging on to the site again.

How do I redeem my E-Gift Voucher (EGV)?

To redeem your EGV, follow the instructions on this page.

Can I purchase one way seats?

Yes, you can. However, please take note that to travel to an international destination, you are required to provide proof of a return or onward journey before being allowed to enter respective countries.

How should I fill up the guest contact details?

Please ensure that you complete all the mandatory fields that are marked with an asterisk (*). It is very important that you insert your country dialling code before your telephone contact.

Can I book flights for others?

Yes, you can. All you need is to enter their contact details and personal information (details of guest travelling) in the correct fields. Please ensure that the details are accurate to avoid any inconvenience later on.

What travel documents are needed for a pregnant guest?

It is the duty of the pregnant guest to advise AirAsia of the progress of their pregnancy at the point of booking of the seat and at the check-in counter. AirAsia’s carriage of pregnant guests are subject to the following conditions:

(a) Pregnancy up to 27 weeks (inclusive): AirAsia will accept without a doctor's certificate subject to the guest signing a Limited Liability Statement.

(b) Pregnancy between 28 weeks to 34 weeks (inclusive): Guest shall produce a doctor's certificate confirming the number of weeks of pregnancy and that she is fit to travel. Certificate shall have validity of not less than seven (7) days from the scheduled flight departure date. The guest will be required to sign a Limited Liability Statement.

(c) Pregnancy 35 weeks and above: AirAsia will refuse carriage.

Is there a special fare for senior citizens, students or infants?

AirAsia does not offer special fares for senior citizens and students. AirAsia strives to provide low fares to all AirAsia’s guests regardless of age.

Does AirAsia offer family package discounts?

AirAsia does not offer any discounts to families travelling together. Nevertheless, AirAsiaGo packages have been designed at attractive rates to cater for family and group trips.

What is Convenience Fee?

A convenience fee is charged when payment is made through credit, debit or charge cards. The fee is charged per guest for each way. Any changes or addition to existing booking is excluded from the Convenience Fee.

While booking, should the name I use be identical to what’s stated on my passport?

It is mandatory that your name is identical to your passport, visa and other travel documents as appropriate identification at check-in and also to meet the entry requirements of the destination.

Does AirAsia operate connecting flights?

AirAsia operates direct flights only. Onward flights are considered as separate journeys or sectors. Therefore, you will need to claim your baggage from your first sector flight and check them in again for the subsequent flights. You will have to go through immigration (if arriving from an international sector) and check-in again at the check-in counter to obtain your boarding pass.

AirAsia will not be held responsible for the consequence of any delays experienced.

Can I obtain a receipt for the flights that I've booked?

The flight itinerary provided contains all the necessary flight details including the payment details, as such, can be used as a receipt.

What should I do if my booking status is 'Pending'?

Please check back later on Manage My Booking to verify the status of the booking and monitor your mailbox for the confirmation email.

What services can I pre-book while making a booking?

The following services are available for pre-book on AirAsia flights:

  • i) Snack Attack
  • ii) Supersize Baggage
  • iii) Pick A Seat

And the following services are available for pre-book on AirAsia X flights:

  • i) Snack Attack
  • ii) Supersize Baggage
  • iii) Pick A Seat
  • iv) Xcite In-flight Entertainment
  • v) Comfort Kit

Logon to Manage My Booking now to pre-book!

Can my personal details be saved so that they can be automatically populated every time I make a booking?

Sign up as an AirAsia member and book using your AirAsia member ID. You details will be automatically populated on the form every time you make a booking.
Sign up now!

What payment options do I have online?

You can pay using Visa, Master or American Express Credit Cards or you can also use Direct Debit for online payment.

Are there any additional charges for international credit card usage?

Some issuing banks may impose additional charges on all CROSS-BORDER transactions performed on the AirAsia website. CROSS-BORDER transactions are defined as transactions in which the country of the cardholder bank differs from the country of the merchant (in AirAsia's case, the country of the merchant is Singapore (non-Ringgit transactions).

Please note that AirAsia is not the party imposing the additional charges, and does not benefit from them. As per Visa and MasterCard rules and regulations, all issuing banks have to inform their cardholders if there are any such cross-border charges. Kindly call your respective issuing banks if you wish to seek more clarification.

How do I know what fare class I am booking?

Click on Fare Rules at the bottom of the fare listing to see what fare class you are on. From your fare class you will know which changes are possible.

If I have an alias, which name should I use during booking?

It is mandatory that your name should be identical to your passport, visa and other travel documents as appropriate identification at check-in and also to meet the entry requirements of the destination.

I would like to book an international flight but my passport has expired. How do I book the flight?

As long as you are able to renew your expired passport anytime before you fly, you can proceed to book your international flight using either your identification card number or the expired passport number. However, you are required to update the new passport number before your flight. You may update the new passport number via Manage My Booking.

Please ensure that your passport has a minimum validity period of 6 months at all times during your travel period.

My passport validity is less than six (6) months. Can I still travel to an international destination?

Country authorities strictly require a passport validity with a minimum of six (6) months. Therefore, AirAsia will be unable to fly you. You are also expected to fulfill the visa requirement(s) imposed by the authorities of your intended destination, in addition to the 6 month passport validity requirement.

My passport has expired and I have new passport number / passport details now. How do I change?

If you have booked using your old passport details which has now expired, you can update your new passport details online via Manage My Booking, contact AirAsia’s call centre for assistance, or visit AirAsia’s nearest sales office/airport sales counter to update your booking.

Can I transfer a ticket to another name directly or on behalf of someone?

Name change option will no longer be available for all destinations except for flights to/from Japan and Korea effective 1 November 2011.
However, guest(s) who booked before 1 November 2011 will be entitled to a one (1) time name change.

Name change fees can be viewed by clicking this Name Change page.

In addition please ensure that your flight was not purchased as a promo fare. Name change is allowed up to six (6) hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time.

To make the change, you can either contact AirAsia’s Call Centre or go to any of AirAsia’s Sales Offices/Airport Sales Counters for assistance.

You will need to produce copies of the identification documents (identity card or passport) of both names involved in the transfer.

Please note that ticket transfers are subject to a fee for which you can refer to in the Fee Schedule section.

Please search this FAQs for answers to the most frequently asked questions. In the event this FAQ does not answer your enquiry, please call AirAsia’s helpline at +603 2171 9222 or click on the following Contact AirAsia page for contact numbers of the Call Centre in your area. References: AirAsia FAQs

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