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From Ipoh straight to KLIA

Friday December 17, 2010

Air travellers can now buy tickets for the express rail link (ERL) service to the KL International Airport and low-cost carrier terminal at the Ipoh railway station.

This would spare them from having to queue up at the KL Sentral commuter terminal to buy the tickets.

This follows an agreement reached here yesterday between KTM Bhd and ERL Sdn Bhd to make the Ipoh railway station a one-stop ticketing point for the ERL service for air travellers here.

Rail convenience: A KTM train at the Ipoh Railway Station Thursday where ERL tickets to KLIA are now available for purchase.

Travellers taking the ETS will travel on the electric train service from Ipoh to KL Sentral, after which they will switch to the ERL directly to KLIA.

Those travelling to the LCCT will also take the ETS to KL Sentral but will board the ERL to the Salak Tinggi station for a connecting bus to the airport.

KTMB president Dr Aminuddin Adnan said: “It will save air travellers a lot of time and hassle, which is crucial when they are catching their flights.”

“As travelling time between Ipoh and KLIA or LCCT is now less than three hours, this mode of travel offers the fastest option for discerning air travellers,” he added.

ERL chief executive officer Noormah Mohd Noor assured travellers that there would not be a long waiting time for buses at the Salak Tinggi station.

“Our train and bus services on the KLIA Transit line are synchronised.

“The bus will be waiting for passengers at the station,” she said.

The ticket to KLIA is being offered at a promotional price of RM65 per adult and RM34 per child while the service to LCCT is being offered at RM42.50 (adult) and RM25 (child) until Feb 28 next year.

The service was launched by Land Public Transport Commission chairman Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar.

This article is a verbatim copy of the original article from The Star.

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