On 9 May 2014, LCCT officially closes, a new Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) is built to replace the LCCT with bigger & better facilities. As a result, the info posted on this website is no longer applicable to the new KLIA2. Visit www.klia2.info for latest info on the new klia2 terminal.

Fly-Thru Service

New AirAsia FLY-THRU service makes things easier for you!

Now you can conveniently connect between 2 different flights via transfer hall, with a minimum connection time of 90 minutes!

AirAsia Fly Thru Service - Connect Conveniently

What FLY-THRU Service Brings You

Fly Thru - No Transit Visa
No immigration queue and exemption of airport tax at transit hub.
(Applicable only for a maximum stop-over of 6-hours in Malaysia. Check Malaysia Entry Requirements for more details)
Fly Thru - Quick Transit
Check-in at the transfer hall to your connecting flight.
Free flight move to the next flight if first flight is delayed.
Fly Thru - Baggage Check Thru
Bags are automatically tagged to your final destination.

Who is eligible for FLY-THRU?

  • Applies only to guests connecting within the selected routes.
  • Is currently available for bookings for any time period.
  • Is offered when you make a single booking for both your flights.
  • Applies only to guests with valid travel documents on-hand at the point-of-origin.
  • Applies only to guests with itineraries stating confirmed bookings

Step-By-Step Guide

Fly Thru Service

Fly Thru Service - Step 1
Step 1: Pre Check-In
A. Provide your travel itinerary at AirAsia’s check-in counter.
B. Prepare your travel documents for both sectors.
Fly Thru Service - Step 2
Step 2: During Check-In
A. Your checked-in baggage will be tagged to your final destination.
B. You will be given a checked-in baggage reclaim tag to be verified at Kuala Lumpur (KUL) LCC Terminal.
Fly Thru Service - Step 3
Step 3: Arrival in Kuala Lumpur
A. Proceed to the transfer hall (Upon entering terminal, head left before the escalator; look out for the directional signage).
B. You DO NOT need to clear immigration or collect your checked-in baggage.
Fly Thru Service - Step 4
Step 4: Transfer Hall
A. Present your checked-in baggage reclaim tag for verification.
B. You will be checked-in by AirAsia’s staff, and given your second boarding pass.
Fly Thru Service - Step 5
Step 5: Departure Hall
A. Proceed to the departure gates via the transfer hall to board your flight.

FLY-THRU available for these routes

Gold Coast Chengdu, Hangzhou, Bali, Surabaya, Singapore, Bangkok, Phuket
Melbourne Mumbai, Medan, Taipei, Bangkok, London
Perth Chengdu, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangkok, London
Chengdu Gold Coast, Perth, Paris, Phuket
Hangzhou Gold Coast, Surabaya, Singapore, Phuket, Paris, Jakarta
Tianjin Paris
Paris Chengdu, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Bali, Jakarta, Christchurch, Taipei, Surabaya, Medan, Bangkok, Singapore
Mumbai Melbourne, Perth, Jakarta, Surabaya, Singapore, Bangkok, Christchurch
New Delhi Perth, Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Singapore, Phuket, Christchurch
Tokyo (Haneda) Bali, Jakarta
Seoul (Incheon) Bali, Jakarta
Christchurch Paris, Mumbai, Bali, Jakarta, Medan, Bangkok, Taipei, London, New Delhi, Singapore
Taipei Melbourne, Paris, Christchurch
London Melbourne, Perth, Bali, Jakarta, Medan, Singapore, Bangkok, Christchurch
Bali Gold Coast, Paris, New Delhi, Tokyo, Seoul, Christchurch, London
Jakarta Hangzhou, Paris, Mumbai, New Delhi, Tokyo, Seoul, Christchurch, London
Surabaya Gold Coast, Hangzhou, Mumbai, New Delhi, Paris
Medan Melbourne, New Delhi, Christchurch, London, Paris
Bangkok Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Mumbai, Christchurch, London, Paris
Phuket Gold Coast, Chengdu, Hangzhou, New Delhi
Singapore Gold Coast, Hangzhou, Mumbai, New Delhi, London, Christchurch, Paris

Review the full schedule.

Terms & Conditions

  1. "Connecting time" means a time between the arrival of one flight to the departure of another flight for Flight Transfers. AirAsia X reserves the right to revise the connecting times between Flight Transfers without prior advice due to airport restrictions imposed upon AirAsia by the airport operator and/or operational requirements.
  2. "Flight Transfer" means a subsequent flight providing onward travel on the same itinerary or on a single PNR which meets AirAsia connecting time.
  1. AirAsia will take all reasonable measures necessary to avoid delay in carrying you and your baggage on a Flight Transfer.
  2. Excess baggage and/or any other relevant fees payable must be paid for both sectors at the point-of-origin.
Flight irregularities
  1. If a delay or cancellation/reschedule of AirAsia flight causes you to miss your Flight Transfer on which you hold a confirmed booking, you are entitled to the following:
    • If your flight is delayed at the point-of-origin
      1. A free move to the next available flight that connects to the final destination within AirAsia connecting time.
    • If your Flight Transfer is delayed
      1. A free move to the next available Flight Transfer within AirAsia connecting time.
  2. If your new flight does not meet AirAsia connecting time or if the next available Flight Transfer falls on the next day, AirAsia will not provide the following;
    1. Day or overnight accommodation
    2. Surface transfers
    3. Storage of your checked baggage. You are required to collect your bags at the transit point and recheck-in for new Flight Transfer.

Source: airasia.com, last updated 19 Feb 2011

FAQs on Fly-Thru

1. What does FLY-THRU mean?

The process of conveniently transferring from one flight to another without the hassle of going through immigration processing, and of having to collect your baggage when you are taking 2 different flights to get to your final destination and stopping over at a transit station (e.g. KUL is the transit point for a flight from STN-KUL then KUL-PER).

2. How can I purchase this service?

Log in to www.airasia.com to make booking for AirAsia FLY-THRU destinations.

3. Where can I get information on which flights come with this service?

You can refer to the FLY-THRU schedule available on AirAsia website.

4. What are the benefits of FLY-THRU?

  • Baggage is checked through to the final destination ?guests do not need to collect baggage in KUL and check-in again.
  • Guests do not need to clear immigration. Upon arrival, guests will go through the transfer hall which is located at the left side of the entrance of arrival gates.
  • Guests will not be subjected to fulfill visa requirements in Kuala Lumpur (except during extended delays)
  • Guests will be checked-in and provided with the second boarding pass at the transfer hall.
  • Guests can then go directly into departure hall.

5. What if the FLY-THRU service is only available one way and not the other on my desired date of travel?

You can book the flight which comes with the FLY-THRU service one way and make 2 separate point-to-point bookings for your return journey. Please note that the FLY-THRU service will not be available if you have made 2 separate point to point bookings.

6. What happens during situations of delays?

i) What if a planned/ad hoc delay or cancellation of one flight segment causes me to miss my connection which I have booked under one booking number with FLY-THRU service?

AirAsia will move you to the next available flight, free of charge. However, the FLY-THRU facility may not be available thereafter if the timings between the new connections exceed the 90 minutes to 6 hour window.

ii) What if a planned/ad hoc delay or cancellation of one flight segment causes me to miss my connection which I have booked as 2 separate point to point flights and does not come with the FLY-THRU service?

This is not subject to AirAsia Terms and Conditions as a point-to-point carrier, service recovery under this circumstance is entirely dependent on the discretion of the airline based on the cause of the disruption.

iii) How long can I remain in the departure hall before my next flight in cases of delays?

Currently the maximum time is 6 hours. You are required to leave the departure hall (clear immigration and ensure visa requirements are met. AirAsia will need to consult immigration on a case by case basis should you not meet the Malaysian immigration entry requirements). All FLY-THRU services are currently between 90 minutes and 6 hours. This is subjected to change depending on operational and airport requirements.

7. I have already booked 2 different flights and noticed that I can opt for FLY-THRU service with a promotional fare. Can I convert my bookings?

No. This service is only available when flights are purchased under one booking number.

8. Can I leave the departure hall once I have been checked into my next flight?

No. If you opt to leave the departure hall, you will have to proceed through immigration clearance. You will also need to meet the relevant visa requirements to enter Malaysia.

9. What is my baggage weight allowance for connecting flights?

The baggage weight allowance for connecting flights will be the same as the point-to-point flights. However, as the connecting flight baggage will be checked through to the final destination, the baggage for the second leg will be defaulted based on the first leg choice when you purchase your baggage online.

10. Can I purchase duty free items from the first flight and take it through to the second flight?

If you are travelling to Australia you can only purchase duty free items at the transit station or the final destination. For all other end destinations, duty free items are permissible as long as the items are contained in sealed duty free bags.

11. Why can’t I find any fares for my desired destinations? AirAsia website states that there is a connection for the destination.

Only selected flights on selected days offer FLY-THRU service. Please refer to the Full Schedule here.

12. Can I still enjoy other services provided by AirAsia or AirAsia X, such as AirAsia Premium Flat Bed, AirAsia Insure, Upsize Check-in Baggage, Pick A Seat, etc?

Yes. You can still enjoy other services provided by AirAsia or AirAsia X with FLY-TRHU booking.

13. Will I get 2 boarding passes when I check-in for my first flight?

Yes. Most airports will provide guest with two boarding passes when you check-in at your first flight and your baggage will automatically tagged to your final destination.

14. I missed my connecting flight, where can I get help?

Please proceed to the Guest Services counter and AirAsia staff will assist you.

15. I didn’t get my second flight’s boarding pass at point of origin. Where can I get help?

Please proceed to the Guest Services counter and AirAsia staff will assist you.

16. I have accidentally exited the Transfer Hall, can I still return to catch my connecting flight?

Yes. Please proceed to the Departure Hall with your next flight’s boarding pass. You will need to clear Immigration and security checks again. Just proceed to the departure gate stated in your boarding pass without having to enter the Transfer Hall again.

17. How can I ensure that my baggage has been transferred from my first to my second connecting flight?

If you have booked your flights through the FLY-THRU service and have Boarding Passes for both flights, you can be assured that your baggage are tagged to your final destination.

18. If I want to access my baggage during my transit, can I access my belongings?

No. Your baggage has been tagged for transfer and will only be accessible at your final destination.

19. What is the convenience fee* charge for a FLY-THRU booking? (*applicable for payments via credit, debit or charge cards)

Convenience fee is chargeable at RM6 per person, per sector.

20. Are there any time limits in making a FLY-THRU booking?

FLY-THRU online booking is available up to 4 hours before flights. However, pre-booked meals are only allowed if booking is made within 48hours from the departure time.

21. I have made a booking under FLY-THRU for sector i.e. DEL-KUL-SIN and return sector for i.e. SIN-KUL-DEL. Can I change date (for onward /return sector) by not continuing my journey to SIN but instead would stop my journey at KUL?

You can change the date (flight change fee will be charged) on an onward or return journey but you are not allowed to change the single segment date/time in single journey (onward/return). Break in between a journey is not allowed. Only for cases where there is a delay or cancellation of flight that causes the guest to miss the connection, AirAsia will allow the guest to move to the next available flight.

22. What is the minimum connecting time (MCT)?
The MCT for interline transfers is between 90 minutes to 6 hours.

23. If I have excess baggage at the point of origin, do I need to pay for either sectors or both?
Excess baggage and/or any other relevant fees payable must be paid for both sectors at the point of origin.

24. Where is the main transit point for AirAsia FLY-THRU service?
Currently LCCT, Kuala Lumpur is the transit point that AirAsia has for all the connecting destinations.

25. Where should I go upon arriving at the transit point (KUL)?

You should go to the transfer hall and not to the immigration hall upon arriving at the transit point. You can only enter the departure hall through the transfer hall to board your next flight.

26. Where is the transfer hall located?

Upon arrival at the terminal building, head left before the escalator to proceed to the transfer hall. If in doubt, please follow the direction as shown on the directional signage or speak to AirAsia staff.

27. If I made a premium booking for D7-AK FLY-THRU service, will I be getting a flat bed seat in the AK flight?

No. Flatbed seats are only available on D7 flights, whereas AK, FD & QZ flights are fully equipped with Standard seats only. However, you will still be able to enjoy others premium privileges such as 25kg baggage allowance, free meal, pick a seat, priority boarding and etc on your AK flight.

28. Will I be able to select my free pre-booked meal for my premium booking on FLY-THRU service?

Yes, you can select your pre-booked meal. However, in the event a pre-booked meal is not available either due to catering shortage, last minute bookings (less than 48hours before departure time) or aircraft down-sizing, AirAsia reserves the rights to replace the meal with either another hot meal, sandwich, non-perishable food items, beverage or a combination of any the above amounting to or less than the value of your pre-booked meal.

29. What if I already purchased a flight (i.e. CGK-KUL-STD) but my UK visa was not approved; can I get a refund?

AirAsia will treat situations like this on a case to case basis. However, approval should come from the HOD (Project/Contact Centre Manager) with a valid supporting document. And if the case occurs during the day of departure, AirAsia will need to consult with the Duty Manager /Airport Manager to determine the reason why guest was denied check ?n /boarding.

30. Do I need to go through the immigration check or collect my checked-in baggage upon arriving at the transit point at KUL?

No. You do not need to clear immigration or collect your baggage at the transit point as your baggage will be tagged and transferred to your final destination.

Source: airasia.com/ask.

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