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International counter check-in fee abolished

Starting 22 December 2011, AirAsia is abolishing the RM10 counter check-in fees for all international flights. This is part of the continuous effort to reduce the cost of travelling for all of the AirAsia’s guests in-lieu of the recent passenger service charge hike.

Apart from this abolishment, AirAsia has also reduced the processing fee for credit card usage from RM8 to RM5 per guest per sector.

For guests who have pre-paid their counter check-in fees for their international flights from 21 September up to 21 December 2011 may opt for a refund in the form of credit shell through the customer care e-form.

Domestic counter check-in fees will remain the same.

For more info please refer to the FAQ as below:

AirAsia and AirAsia X are waiving the counter check-in fee for guests travelling on international flights. Is it true?

Yes, AirAsia and AirAsia X will be waiving the counter check-in fee for all international flights throughout the network. All bookings made on 22 December onwards will be exempted from the fee. Guests will be able to use the check in counters as well as baggage drop/document check counters at the airport.

Why are AirAsia and AirAsia X waiving the counter check-in fee for international flights so soon after introducing it on 21st September 2011?

This move is part of AirAsia continuous effort to reduce the cost of traveling for all the guests, especially with the recent hike of passenger service charge for international travelers. AirAsia will still encourage the guests to self check-in.

How about guests who are traveling to domestic destinations?

At the moment, guests travelling within Malaysia and Indonesia will still be charged the counter check-in fee should they opt to use it or do not self check in.

Why are guests from Malaysia and Indonesia still being charged?

Domestic travel does not require visa/passport/APIS checks unlike international travel. Therefore we decided to abolish the fee until we have a better processing system in place.

How do we handle guest who have pre-booked the counter check-in service and paid for this service?

Guests who have pre-booked the counter check-in fee from 21st September till 21st December 2011 can request for a credit shell. Guests can obtain for the credit shell via the customer care online e-form.

If the flight is cancelled, can guest get a refund for the counter check in fee?

Not a refund, instead a credit shell will be offered.

Is the abolish date based on booking date or travel date?

Regardless of booking date or travel date, all guests travelling on international flights will not be charged from 22nd December onwards.

Are guest notified of this change?

Yes, AirAsia has announced this via the press, as well as the social media platforms (facebook.com/AirAsia and twitter.com/AirAsia). All the RedAlert members will also be notified via email newsletter.

Source: AirAsia

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