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Internet Access at LCCT

Hurray! Thanks to Malaysia Airports Berhad's efforts to service passangers at the LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) better, the "hotspot" Wifi@LCCT-KLIA service was launched by Malaysia Airports Berhad's Managing Director Datuk Seri Bashir Ahmad in April 2007!

This enhanced wired and wireless access is available at both the International and Domestic departure area and the Public departure concourse. With this, the passangers will have internet access for free.

As such, this makes my following statements obsolete. And I'm glad it's happening. :-) Check out The Star Online for more information.

WiFi for all airport users from now on

Saturday April 28, 2007 By CHARLES FERNANDEZ

Malaysia Airports is currently upgrading its services and facilities to serve airport users at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) better.

Part of the plans include expanding the LCCT to accommodate AirAsia's long haul operations.

With this, passengers will also have Internet access for free.

The "hotspots" Wifi@LCCT-KLIA service was launched by Malaysia Airports' managing director Datuk Seri Bashir Ahmad recently.

The enhanced wired and wireless access is available at both the international and domestic departure areas and the public departure concourse.

This service will enable Malaysia Airports to better serve not only the airlines operating at LCCT-KLIA but its community as a whole," said Bashir.

He said as LCCT-KLIA is an extension of existing facilities at KLIA, the upgrade is an integral part of Malaysia Airports commitment to ensure all their airports remain as one of the leading airports in the world, equipped with the latest technology that benefits both the customers and other airport users.

"We believe this service will further strengthen its position as the best low cost airport in this region," added Bashir.

KLIA was equipped with free wireless access last September and this new technology will support KLIA's network for many years to come as the capacity has increased 40 times from 622 megabits per second to 10 gigabits per second.

Note: This page is outdated.

For the latest information on LCCT Wifi services, please check out LCCT Internet Access.

Nice huh? :-)

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