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Long walk to arrival hall at LCCT

Friday March 13, 2009

AirAsia has been my favourite airline since it was established. I make six to 10 trips a year travelling with AirAsia. It is efficient and has always departed on time, except for one occasion.

On March 11, I returned from Denpasar and my flight arrived at 10pm on time at LCCT. But I was very surprised that the airport authority made us walk all the way round the terminal buildings for nearly 2km from the departure parking bay to the new arrival immigration hall.

I am 75 years old and, fortunately, I could still make it to the arrival hall. But I wonder what would happen to old ladies and mothers carrying babies.

While looking around, I noticed there were empty parking bays available in front of the new immigration entrance.

Why did MAHB not allow the aircraft to park there for passengers to disembark, instead of making them walk? At least for such a long distance, MAHB should have provided shuttle bus service.

In addition, signages are lacking and the size of letters used on the signs are too small to see from afar.

And although toilet facilities at the arrival hall and baggage collection area are huge, they are scattered too far away from the main area.


This article is a verbatim copy of the original article from The Star.

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